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ATV-MAGNIFIQUE 150 MW Solar Project

In partnership Kunming Engineering Corporation Limited (Power China) the biggest EPC company in the world and the fortune 200th ranking company and experts in power generation, Our Company Magnifique has entered into joint venture partnership with Abuja Technology Village Free zone Company Ltd (ATV) to generate upwards of 150mws of smart- grid electric power solution at the Abuja Technology Village free zone.

In addition to this, we have considered building a renewable energy manufacturing university that will focus on teaching of production of solar panels, inverters, batteries, cables, transformers and other energy equipment in ATV free zone. Our anticipated and estimated investment in ATV free zone for both the

power solution is about $230m USD.


MD/CEO MICL exchanging the signed JV with the Head of Legal ATV free Zone Company

The Abuja Power Problem and solution

It is on record that the whole of Lugbe, Idu industrial estate, Lokogoma to Airport road with vast number of estates, industries and companies have little or no power at all. Abuja Distribution Company has witnessed so much embarrassments and threats so many times by the people within the FCT due to lack of power. This project will solve this problem now!

150 MW  Kano Solar Project.

Our smart business plan for Kano and Abuja solar power is predicated on our unique model and the experience of  Technical Advisers, Kunming Engineering ( power China).

For this project, the issue of guaranteed upfront purchaser was solved by getting the Industries within our project site and cluster to aggregate its participating members to sign a long term bank guaranteed Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the off-take of our 150MW generated power. This we were able to achieve because the power policy of the declared eligibility market. (Willing buyer, willing seller).The Estimated cost is about $220m

Mr Gong Jun of Kunming Engineering and Mr Nkereuwem .

Briefing the Ag.Governor of Kano about the progress of the Kano Project.


Dragonfly Power Nig. Ltd, is currently developing a 1500MW barge mounted gas turbines to cater for industries in Lagos and Onitsha.

The turbine generation plants will be sited in various locations across Nigeria.

We have partnered with Africa Killowatt LLC and 4IR LLC USA for the financing, sourcing of  Engineering Procurement and Construction contractors and  technical advisory services for the project.

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